How do I remove images?

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I can upload them, but so far I have no idea how to remove them. :\

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Just noticed this too. Must be some oversight.

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Clcik Edit Tags, and click the image. The option to delete should pop up. However it's not working for me right now, for some reason.

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They've disabled the edit tag button for what I'm assuming was a critical bug in allowing users to delete their own avatars and essentially locking themselves out of their own account. They'll have it fixed eventually.

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editing profile images and having your account destroyed was fixed i think. i dont think they turned tag editing off because of that. for as long as i have been able to up images, removing them was never available. i was looking for how to delete them since the elk macguyver was the only way to get the image buttons to work. someone mentioned that, in the similar giantbomb system, the edit tags function was how a user could delete images in their collection. i assumed that they disallowed the tags button because they were fixing it by adding a way to delete. they did turn it off at about the time of the account thing though. even when that was happening, you could still edit your profile images. all those buttons in the settings still worked fine, and as i understood it, that was how it was happening, by changing images that were prominently used in the profile.

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The option to remove images was never available to normal users, but I believe it was available to moderators, staff members, and perhaps a few select beta testers, as suggested in this topic: The topic also suggests that when a user changes their avatar, it uploads a copy to your image gallery and that deleting the gallery copy of your avatar would cause the problems to the profile that we've mentioned. The option to delete images is available through the edit tag button which is what lead me to believe they might have disabled it so that they could have a look at the issue without more staff members unintentionally locking themselves, but I could be mistaken.

In any case, @lensflare15 is correct in that the way to delete your images is though the "edit tag" feature which is currently disabled. So at this point in time, there is no way of deleting images from one's personal image gallery. Careful what pictures you upload ladies and gents.

EDIT: Update on the situation; confirmed and in process of correction: Link to post here.

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weird. i explored the edit tags thing very carefully: more than once. i even tried dragging images away to delete them. makes me think, along with some other stuff, that each user has a distinctly different experience with the place. probably based on a lot of things.

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I can't find any option to delete in the edit tags. It's not that I uploaded questionable content, just I uploaded the same image multiple times/

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@Gamer_4_Fun: The option to delete images (and edit them) is disabled. The development staff is working on it.

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@lensflare15: Thanks man