hellbaning people from the comments section?

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No wonder no one is noticing my comments, THEY DONT EXIST FOR ANYONE BUT ME. NOBODY HAS NOTIFIED ME NOT A MESSAGE NOTHING.This is the most gisgraceful and shameful thing you can do to anyone in your community, I've been a poster here for ages...

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Seems you have a very long standing livefyre ban from the livefyre 'system' and moderators are unfortunately unable to unban you, I'd strongly advise contacting one or more of the CMs (DigitalDame, Zorine, ohaifrancy, girlparts) to try and get this resolved, as the ban makes no sense to me as it was pretty much in the middle of a long period in which you appear to have been inactive on the site, and the moderators are unable to help directly due to the nature of the ban as well.