GOT Spoilers on the main page.

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Stop it Gamespot...

Some of us haven't had chance to watch all five episodes of GoT yet and your constant spoilers on the main page is ruining the whole thing.

Myself and at least a few others I know have had spoilers highlighted by just coming onto your page.

You could easily put non-spoiler message, but no, you put major plot points...

STOP IT, or i'll just stop using the website, which would suck...

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after each episode the internet has a contest who can get the most clicks off the previous night's episode...

it's everywhere.

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@comp_atkins: I understand that, but they could at least be respectful to those who haven't seen it.

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...I changed my chrome link to '' because of this.....

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Hey everybody,

In the future if you would like to avoid entertainment content in general you can go to this link we launched this week.