Getting "feed" from and for strangers?

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Just looked at my profile and it's full of a bunch of other peoples posts that aren't even directed at me and have nothing at all to do with me. I don't really care to forum, or blog, or friend, or follow, or any of that crap, yet it's all a big mess of crap on my profile page from strangers. Why? The worst thing is that I can't delete it, it's just a bunch of random clutter on my "feed". How do I remove this? Or is this one of new GS's billion o' bugs?

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I came here to report the same issue. My personal feed appears to be full of actions from a bunch of other users that I have no affiliation with.

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seen this happen as well.

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Among this and the hundreds of pointless emails Gamespot still sends, this site is more trouble than it's worth.

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Oh wow. I saw a few other people's walls had random stuff on them, but figured it was from their friends... But it made no sense because it had nothing to do with the user. This must be a big issue.

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@Ovirew: The odd thing is that it has not changed. I got the spam feed a while ago and don't get any new spam feed, it's the same. But the worst thing of all is that I can't delete it.