GDPR Alerts for European GameSpot Users

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Do you live in Europe? Starting May 24, 2018 you may notice many of the sites you visit will have alerts or pop ups that will inform you about cookie usage and other tracking tags that websites use.

Why is this happening?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is the European Union data protection law goes into effect May 25, 2018. To comply, we are alerting all European GameSpot users that we utilize cookies and third party trackers and allowing users to explicitly agree to the usage of data, and to opt out of selected third-party cookies.

What's happening on GameSpot?

As this is a new compliance that we are adopting, there are a lot of things we are in the process of figuring out. Unfortunately that means that there will be issues when we start to roll this out. We hope you understand that we are actively working to make it better. In the meantime, please let us know about any bugs you find as a reply in this thread.

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I received an e-mail today that i will stop receiving GS e-mails and that I had to provide renewed consent. However when I click on the link provided in order to accept receiving e-mails I am getting a DMC Error with the message "The provided signature is not valid." Is this something on my end or is it a known issue? Thanks for any help you might provide.

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@Butcher_ss: So sorry, there was an error with the email link, we'll be sending another email with an updated link that will not be broken. Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know