Games won't recognise my new wireless Xbox lookalike PC Controller

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So basically 2 days ago I received my new Wired Xbox lookalike PC Controller (it looks like this, so I play on PC and I was really excited to test out Fortnite with a controller. I launched Fortnite and plugged my controller in and Fortnite just didn't recognise it. I started pressing buttons and looking at the settings to see if there's anything wrong (I also turned the controller on, i'm not that dumb heh).. I didn't find anything wrong, then I tested out the controller on a website, and it all worked properly, so there's nothing wrong with my controller, Fortnite just won't recognise it. I also tried to play some other games with my new controller but it didn't work. Does anyone know how I could fix it? I was looking at YouTube trying to find the solution but I didn't find it, I also tried some programs like JoyToKey, InputMapper etc., but it's pretty complicated to make it work with Fortnite because you need a lot of buttons on it if you know what I mean.. So I figured out there's no other way it could work with any program than just making it recognise. So if anyone knows the solution please post a reply it would really mean the world to me.. Thanks.

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@thearcticowl: Hey Owl,

Sorry to hear that you are having controller troubles with Fortnite.

My first recommendation, and only because you didn't mention it specifically in your original post, would be to restart the computer.

If that doesn't help, my next recommendation would be to head to the Fornite hardware support forum here

Start by looking for others that may be in the same boat as you. If you don't find ANY helpful posts there, make sure that you read the READ FIRST Before reporting a technical issue post at the top of the page that I linked to above. Read it carefully. It gives you instructions on how to report your issue to them properly.

They will probably go through some steps that you have already tried. Bear with them.

Good luck