Game search results sorting issues / still buggy (#3)

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I see that you STILL have not fixed this issue even though I first reported it more than 2 years ago. I got no response though.

I reported it again and this time one of your staff noticed it but nothing came of it in the end.

I even provided screenshots and even a video.

Here is another example:

Make sure that the list is sorted by score. Just go to the bottom of the first page, take note of the games shown and refresh a few times. You'll see that the games change.

Is it that hard to fix this? You simply need to add a logic to sorting where if more than one game have the same score, the algorithm should look for a secondary data point like release dates.


EDIT: Actually, it seems the sorting drop-down button itself is bugged too. It doesn't take effect until the "Refresh List" button is clicked.

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Thanks @andrebetoche Search is a BIG project and we have been investigating ways to make it better and fix issues like this, however a formal update will take some time. Unfortunately it means we can't give you a formal estimate on timing since it would be a complete overhaul.