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Hello, I love gamespot and I didn´t mind the 90´s look it had going on, but as with anything nowadays it has to change and become more user friendly when it wasn´t need it.... my 5 cents are for the filters. I am an all around gamer, I game on pc, xbox, PS3, wii, vita, ds, android, and simply anything that games. You guys use to have great search filters, I was able to look thru release date, review score, alphabetical order, even genres and consoles. It was taken away, my question is why?? I understand half of your users may be brain dead consumers, but remember lots of us are geeks, harcore moda fukas.... we know how to use a computer and know where to click, this new websites seems to me like a dumbed downed version of your past glory... With EGM gone you guys were my source of reviews, articles and overall gaming-industry knowledge. This has saddened me, please fix it. From Costa Rica with love.


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Great search filters?? Are you sure you're talking about GS? They never even had a basic platform filter! Ridiculous. How hard can it be GS?

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Wow, i see that no ones gives a shat, IGN here I come!!!