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Hello Everybody, My name is David and I think it should be easier to find games of your interest. The best way to do this, is to build an Interests checker on Gamespot. (For Example*) I like war games which have lots of weapon customization, and have an awesome Engine and beautiful graphics. So if there would be a list where you could just Check things you like to see in a game and if you checked what you wanted, you would find only games that will have your interests. So for me that means that I would have chosen the keywords: Shooter, Customization, Good Engine, High Graphics. And I would find for example: Battlefield 3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier Etc. I think this would be a good Idea and I am Curious about what you guys Think. (BTW, Sorry for my bad English and I would just ask you guys to talk only about this subject)
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It doesn't seem like a bad idea but I don't think they would be able to specify it as much as you'd want. If Gamespot were to introduce a system like this, it would probably be less specific. For example, they would probably only include words like "action" or "first-person-shooter."

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Xbox does this currently. And some suggestions are wack. The games it suggests are either irrelevant to the one it's using as the basis for the recommendation, or you have already looked into it and aren't interested.