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I run Firefox 31.0, and never had an issue with the site until about a week ago. Suddenly, the site started forcing the site into what looks like a view designed for mobile devices. It's unmistakable, and it's not just a font size difference, it's a total reformatting of the site--it's the mobile version.

Now, you say, it's my extensions. Except that even when I run Firefox in safe mode, the same thing happens. In safe mode, all extensions are disabled. It's not my extensions.

I briefly tried spoofing the Firefox user agent, but that made no difference.

Next, you say, clear my cache and cookies. But my cache and cookies have been cleared ad infinitum. It's not that either.

I've been having to use MSIE, which I despise.

What gives? Anyone?

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It was something to do with content-prefs.sqlite. I found that if I renamed that file (with Firefox closed, obviously), then ran Firefox (so it could create a clean content-prefs.sqlite) looked fine. I have no idea what happened, but that was weird.

I ended up editing content-prefs.sqlite with SQLite Database Browser and deleting the row from the "groups" table. I didn't feel like losing all the other settings. No more issues.