Feedback: please stop posting spoilers in article pics and or titles/descriptions

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warning this post refers to spoilers of movie: avengers infinity war and tv show: the walking dead

the following links are just 2 recent examples of poorly done articles that contain spoilers in the pic thumbnails or the title/description and both articles ironically, were made by the same person.

pretty self explanatory, the thumbnail has spiderman in a death pose before turning to dust in ironmans arms, and the title says spidermans final scene. there is almost no wiggle room here to interpret it any other way, that its spidermans death scene.

This articles title and description are fine on its own, but with the thumbnail pic it isnt. Certain characters are in color and others are gray, and given the title description is all about the characters who lived and died this pic creates both fake and real spoilers on who lived and died. fake spoilers are just as bad as real spoilers, because to the the person who hasnt seen the movie yet wont know the difference. I understand that similar subject articles need different pics to differentiate themselves from each other, but this thumbnail didnt need to be so suggestive. everyone could have been in gray (although this was used in a different article), or just used a new pic from the movie that wasnt a spoiler in any way.

this article is older, and recently necro'd because infinity war just released on digital and soon dvd/blu ray. which mean come avengers 4 release in theaters both these articles will probably get necro'd again.

Not everyone has seen the movie, yet these articles are presented on the front news page for everyone to see. another example but i believe it has been taken down already was a article about the season 8 finale of the walking dead, the spoilers being a thumbnail pic of the villain Negan with his throat cut. Maybe we need a better way of reporting these articles, i couldnt find a report button anywhere on the article page, hence the long post. thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. May not seem like a big deal to some, but i believe sites like this will lose traffic if such mistakes are not corrected.

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@hampton2003:Hey there. Thanks for pointing this out. While I think we do try and be respectful when it comes to spoilers in articles (especially in headlines), I do think that we can sometimes go too far when seen in conjunction with poor image/thumbnail choices. I'll have a chat with our content and social team to make them more aware. Appreciate your feedback!

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here we go again:

this new article is written by the same author btw. the title and thumbnail is a spoiler for the movie Venom's post credit scene. what is so hard about making a title or thumbnail without spoilers? Here Its easy: include a pic of the character venom from the movie, and the title should read: "Venom special features includes extended post credits scene."

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spoilers in the title, "A terrifying villain who never holds a gun"

this tidbit removes some mystery from one of the villains. one has to wonder though, if the title was a little boring like: "John Wick 3: Let talk about the adjudicator, a terrifying villain." would it get less clicks? this article is only meant for people who have watched john wick 3, so naturally they would be interested in discussions about new notable characters in the movie; making the added spoiler on the end of the title unnecessary aside from making the title more catchy.