Feed Section in Profile Borked When Logged On

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I am having an issue with my feed.

When I am not logged on, it appears that the wall on my profile is getting the usual feed, e.g. the people that I am following and the people that they are following. JavaScripts are also working, including on browsers with blocking tools.

When not logged on.
When not logged on.

When I am logged on, the feed is reduced to only a handful, as well as an update on Juniorpower (one of the moderators that I am following) posting inan Private Board

JavaScripts are also not working on the feed page and the sidebar is missing. I have tried these on some browsers (including some that do not have blocking tools); I get a borked feed for each permutation when I log on.

When logged on.
When logged on.

I should mention that I have tried to spam the wall on my profile to edge out the update on Juniorpower's posting.

P.S. I still have an issue with my LiveFyre notifications, as mentioned here.

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@neur0sis hey Dan mind getting this on the List

@Gelugon_baat I edited a small sentence mentioning the Board and Replaced with Private Board

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I am also having the same problem. Its getting annoying.

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The fix on your part seems to have worked. Thanks.

This is just a stop-gap measure though. It seems that the new site framework is allergic to clashes in account privileges.

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@juniorpower@Gelugon_baat: I'm filing an issue to investigate this--not really sure what's happening here.

When you visit your user profile while signed in, you should see a list of your friends' activities and a list of your activities.

When someone else visits your user profile (or when you visit your own profile while signed out), you should see the list of your activities--NOT your friends' activities.

For some reason, this seems to be reversed for you, even though it's working correctly for me and other users.

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@Gelugon_baat: Is your profile working now? I just visited your profile and saw a list of your activities, not your friends'.

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Yeah, it's working now. Thanks for the help.