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This thread should have been locked. What a depressing piece of GS history. Users were so hopeful that the people upstairs actually gave a crap. RIP.

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I'd like to see an automatic video loading toggle option.

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Disallow profanity, so things can be a little more family friendly.

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@deactivated-579f651eab962: Please add fable 3 to your games list as it is a game. I Tried to add it into the "finished games" list but is not in your search results listings. thats my suggestion. thanks.

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Member when GameSpot pretended they were taking our suggestions. Oh, I member. Member user levels and unions. Ooooh member the promises they made. I member.

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Yes, please lock this thread, Gamespot. We know you don’t respond to use requests anymore, nor have a community manager. Cummunity is an afterthought. I miss the old days.

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Never forget. Never forget. To arms I say! Storm the GameSpot HQ. How many men can we mobilise in 24 hours? I'm sure if we accuse the editors of toxic masculinity we can get rustle up some feminist cannon fodder to throw at them.

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There needs to be a better blocking feature for the forums of this site.