Fake giveaway and email notifications

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A user sent me a message with a link to a fake giveaway, pretending to be from gamespot, in the same message more than 10000 users are mentioned, a user should never have the power to sent a message to so many users at once.

I cannot find the message in this site, however I received it on my email via notifications@gamespot.com, I assumed the message has already been flagged and deleted, but an email to the affected users should be sent, explaining the situation, as many of these users are probably not active members of this sub, also the user hasn't been banned.

So my feedback is to block the ability for a user to send messages to that many users, the content of a message to not appear on a notification email, and maybe don't allow a user who created an account yesterday and has never posted on the forum to send pm's.

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I received the same message, looking like it has been sent from notifications@gamespot.com via sendgrid.me.

Really unsettling.

EDIT: It starts like this:

GameSpot-hrurx mentioned you in a comment.

https://[[fake link]]/ - participate in GameSpot's BIGGEST GIVEAWAY!

... and is followed by a massive list of user names. I'd really like GameSpot announces that they are aware and investigate this case.

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I too received it and tried to find a contact for Gamespot to let them know,but it seems I can't find any. The profile was created on the 24th of this month and is obviously fake.I just wanna know how it was so easy for them to copy so many users names and send this to me?This seems like a big security problem for Gamespot,considering it made it's way to email inboxes.I still have the email and it's in my notification on here.

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I have the same in my notifications, has it been hacked?

Message is from gamespot-ronqm and then lists 000's of users. Didn't click on it in case

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I received the same massage as well as it being sent to me email address.

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Hey All - We are aware of this issue and are working on a way to prevent this from happening again. Thanks for letting us know!

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I got an email from the same address, but it says: "meet sexy girls blah blah" and a link which is probably used for phishing. Please keep in mind that i found this message in my spam inbox, which is technically a red flag already. Hopefully it gets fixed soon