Disable auto follow after posting in comments on an article?

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I frequent the site almost everyday. Occasionally, I'll post a comment in the comments section on articles that I find of particular interest. After posting a comment, I'm automatically subscribed (+Follow) to any further comments made in that article. It drives me nuts. Most the time I remember to click the -Unfollow button to prevent my email from being spammed with hundreds of new comments I don't care about, but every now and then, I forget.

How do I prevent this from happening again? I don't want to automatically +Follow any comments section, and I shouldn't have to remember to -Unfollow every time I make a comment.

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I agree, this feature should be off by default, and you can select to follow all comments if you wish. This is currently one of the worst features on this site.

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@moisan4: The only reason I can think that they have it default to auto follow, is in the hopes that it leads to people visiting the site more often when they end up with a thousand links in their email. All it does is agitate me, and make want to visit the site less.