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I searched the forums for a bit to see if there was any mention of this with no success plus I've had this problem for a while so, if it is not fixed then you may not know about it.

Whenever I make a comment on an article, because I have my notifications on, I get a message with the reply to my comment. The message has a link that I click to go and reply but most times (not always) clicking on this link leads me to the page in question but not to the comment. This then leads to a frustrating and time consuming search for my own post to find where that reply is located.

What is happening? It seems pretty clear. The link has an id that corresponds to that specific post in the comments. This ID matches. What does not match however is the page number. The notification link is created at a specific moment in time when my post was in page 2 but then more comments come in and it's no longer in page 2 so the link fails when it is clicked.

One way to fix this would be to default the "sorted by" to "First" because then the posts would be sorted chronologically and the page number would always match. Since it's on "latest" this problem will continue to happen. However, this would mean that whenever I'm visiting an article I would always read the oldest posts first and would always have to click that "sorted by" button to changed to "latest" because that's how I like to read my comments. So a different solution would be preferable.

Thank you

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@moriwenne: Sorry to hear that you're having issues with this on site, I've reported this to the dev team and hopefully we'll have some insight soon.

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@digitaldame: 24 days ago man...not ideal. Get on this quickly, the fate of civilization may depend upon it!

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@moriwenne: I think we've been complaining about this in various threads since April. I bumped one of the older ones yesterday just to kind of remind wemmick that it was never fixed.

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@suicidesn0wman: I'm afraid Gamespot has a bit of a reputation in this department, taking too long fix simple things.