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I keep trying to update my stacks (games I want, Games I own, etc.) and when I click on Save it demands I choose a valid template style. I have no idea what that means and why it's asking me for it! Can anyone help??

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For me it says "Unable to process request"
I don't enjoy wasting all that time to not be able to save.

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I am having the exact same problem after I click save, receiving the message "Choose a valid template style". I'm hoping for help on this too.

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Exactly the same issue for me too. I wanted to delete the stack of games I own and redo it as it's out of date but no luck.

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I've noticed that depending on the browser I'm on I get that or the 'Template style' thing. In IE its 'Unable to process request'. In Chrome, it's the template thing. It's very annoying.

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Same problem with the templates. Hating the new site -_-

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@MajinVegetaGT87 said:

Same problem with the templates. Hating the new site -_-

Me too

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Having the same problems. Remember it's the weekend folks. Be patient.