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I've been trying to clear out my Following list because I was using it to track my backlog and would rather do that with stacks now. I've been working on it a bit at time, but about I week ago I stopped being able to unfollow games. When I first started having issues I was at exactly 500 item in Following, but that might not be relevant, it's just where I decided to stop one day. I've tried in Firefox, Chrome, and IE11 on Windows 7 x64 and none of them are working. Chrome and IE11 don't have any extensions/add-ons that could interfere, so I would rule that out as a cause. If I unfollow, follow, and unfollow again the game is still in the list, but the count for total items goes up by one. Anyways, figured I'd let you guys know so that it can get fixed eventually.

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a way to clear the entire "followed" list to start out fresh would also be nice.

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Hmm, dunno if this has already been taken care of (probably) but I can unfollow ANY game. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I've been trying for a couple of weeks now (since the release of the "new" site) pressing the "+" and then "unfollow". After this I get presented with a choice of consoll, if I dont pick any I dont unfollow, and if I pick any I still dont unfollow. Can a kind soul please help me fix this issue (that has probably already been dealt with in a thread before)? :P

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Same here, I can't unfollow any games in my Follow list. I can click Unfollow without any problem but it keeps coming again.

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I guess we're the only idiots not able to figure it out Rooten :P

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It's not you, it's gamespot. I made a thread about it I don't know how long ago, they still haven't fixed it. Gamespot suck.

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Still not working, gamespot. You suck.

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"Its working! Its workiiiiiing!" :D thx gs

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This appears to be working all be it a bit clunky.