BUG: Icon Glitch - 500 Error on Pages Linked to Profile

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While experimenting with the Images section of my profile, I attempted to delete an image I had set as my avatar during the beta... which turned out not to be the best idea. As one can see, rather than causing my icon to revert to the site's default icon (as I initially expected it to), it instead caused my icon to become an empty, compressed border with no image within it. Immediately following this, I became locked out of all pages linked to my own profile with 500 errors, whether it be my Images, Settings, PMs (I can view neither my inbox, nor notifications of messages from their direct links), etc.. However, I can access other users' pages perfectly fine, and I've deduced it to being an issue pertaining specifically to my own profile, though confirmation of this would be greatly appreciated. I've tried accessing pages linked to my profile without being signed in, and on different computers/using different IP addresses, with no luck. Hopefully it's a simple fix to regain access, and it'd be advisable to either prevent users from deleting their set icons, or have it revert to the default icon since I'm sure there'll be many other curious cats who want to toy with the system as well.