Black theme broken? (Edit: Working fine now)

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So I logged back in and noticed my home page looks like this when on the black theme:

Compared to normal looking for the white theme:

Tried Chrome; same thing. Cleared cookies, cache and all that and still happens. Anyone else getting this?

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I'm getting the same as you. I had to delete my history and stuff(Chrome) just to have Gamespot load correctly (in white only)

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Same thing - I'm seeing a 404 on a ...gamespot-black-... css link that I suspect is to blame. A couple jpgs that may play styling roles are also giving 404s.

Kind of a mess at the moment - I can barely see what I'm typing and have no idea if it will post...

Edit: It does seem to be just the black theme; as I recall the style setting is held in a browser cookie, so clearing cookies should switch back to the white theme by default and get the pages legibly styled.

The suspect 404 I saw a couple minutes ago was...

Edit 2: Seems to be ok now. Maybe clear browser cache and cookies and relog if necessary.

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Yeah, it's fixed now. Good work!