Are they trying to fix GS or is this it?

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I know taht it's a tired question(and God knows most of us are tired of this sh*t) but when's GS going to be fix? Or is this it? User Feed sucks - Fuse was much better. And that's just one slice of a bigger problem. C'mon.

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they supposedly claim they are working on fixing the plethora of bugs. though I wouldn't hold my breath for changes any time soon.

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Good Morning,

The staff is working on a Plethora of Bugs daily and we have 2 Items that are confirmed as Fixed


- YouTube embeds. (Yes, you can now embed YT videos onto blogs and forum posts)

- PM bug. You can now add others to PM threads.


Please just help us out by posting any Bugs you come across so that we can get them addressed with the Dev team to get it on the Backlog

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Yeah, i wouldn't expect them to fix anything the next few months. It took two months for Unions alone

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It has been months and it still takes 10+ seconds for the main page to load in most cases and 5-15 seconds between page transitions. Forums are hit or miss - anywhere from 5 seconds to 20-30 seconds.

So yeah, it looks like this is it for the near to medium term. I would not be surprised if page visits have tanked by 30-50% in the last 3 months.