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Dear Gamespot,

My Rift is back ordered until August but I want more VR related news. Furthermore, as one of the primary websites people go to for video game related information, I believe you have a great influence in regards to the success or failure of virtual reality. I look at your homepage today and see nothing about Oculus or Vive. This makes me worry that VR will go the way of the Vita or 3D TVs. That my $600 will be wasted (like the money spent on my Vita and 3D TVs). Then I worry about developers noticing the same apparent lack of interest and decide not to make that AAA VR game just yet.

As such, I feel it would be a good idea to add a VR heading next to xbox, pc, PS4, and Wii U. Not just for people like me who want more VR news but to help ensure the future of VR.

Thank you.

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I concur. Why isn't GS giving VR its due attention?

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@MirkoS77: That's what I'm wondering. It can't be lack of content to talk about. Steam has a Virtual Reality heading which leads to a current count of 214 entries and keeps going up. Of course, most of them are probably crap but I rely on sites such as this one to tell me which ones are or aren't. A VR board in forums would be nice too.

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@kranecu: yea. I suspect it's due to the low install base right now. At least those users on GS. Occulus and HTC are having trouble filling orders, so I can understand GS not wanting to put in the effort for only a few people who'd be interested. Once VR begins to gain a greater foothold we should see a board (at least).

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VR is a bit of a strange animal. Each of the current headings on Gamespot are all platforms, whereas VR isn't. It's more of an accessory that also happens to have some exclusives (like Kinect for Xbox). You'll get no argument from me that it's like no accessory that has ever come before, but even of the games on the Oculus Store a significant number of them aren't VR exclusive and may have already been reviewed in their non VR versions (Ethan Carter, Project Cars, Pinball FX2, etc). The Steam VR section is indeed large, but there are a significant number of listings that are for as of yet unreleased games, really early "Early Access" titles, simple demos, 5 minute long VR "experiences", and games that are not VR exclusive.

In spite of that, though, reviews are trickling in for various VR games. Adr1ft, Lucky's Tale, Chronos, POLLEN, Dirt Rally, etc)


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@MirkoS77: Hey there. We're definitely interested in continuing coverage of VR, but we're also trying to meet reader expectations. Right now, there simply isn't a huge amount of interest in VR. We know that will change sooner rather than later, so expect us to ramp coverage up as the install base grows.

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Thank you for the response.

I get that there isn't a lot of interest yet. But that's kind of what I'm getting at. You guys are the key to generating that interest. I'm looking forward to the ramping of coverage.

The main thing I'm wondering right now is how backed up Oculus Rift orders are and if they are doing anything to ramp up production so that I will get mine before August.

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@kranecu: In the meantime we've got a few threads going around on the various VR hardware and games that are available.


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@kranecu: There isn't enough VR related news to warrant it's own section. When (or should I say IF) VR ever gets enough content I'm sure they will do so.