404 Error, Password Recovery Broken, Can't Change Avatar

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So yeah, this new website is god awful in a lot of ways, like when I search for New PC Game Releases I see a bunch of empty thumbnail slots and blurred Japanese Language Hentai.

But that's not even the worst of it. Now if I try a search then click on a game, I get a 404 error, and this started when I registered my account.

Why did I register this account? Because the feedback system is otherwise broken and I can't log into my other account, Valendale, because Password Recovery is broken. You have my email, when I tried to register with it, it said it was taken so I know you have it, plus I checked and I've received messages from gamespot. But when I enter my email in for Password recovery because I have like 10 passwords and up to 40 if you count all the V4Ri@N7$ (variants) of them, it says my Email is unrecognized as if I haven't created an account.

Oh and when I go to change my avatar, first thing I always do when creating a new account, the button doesn't even work. I click on it and nothing happens.

And I've got this site whitelisted on everything and I've tried Chrome so I know it's not just Firefox, seriously please fix this site it's completely broken.

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By the way this is my very first post and it says it's my 6'th. I can only imagine someone else had this user name at some point and it stuck.

That or it's another glitch.