(2nd March) Having Hard Time Getting User Review to Accept Edits

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I am having a hard time getting my user review of They Are Billions to accept edits, especially the inclusion of images.

To elaborate, the edit may be accepted and the article gets changed - or not at all. In the latter case, the website dumps me to the Reviews page of the gamepage.

I do not know what causes this. Repeating the same actions randomly causes this problem or not. Changes that have been accepted are not reverted, however.

Things I have done on my side.

  1. Deleted cookies and re-logged into the site. Doesn't work.
  2. Cleared my browser cache. Doesn't work.
  3. Used another browser. Doesn't work.
  4. Disabled all browser extensions. Doesn't work.

(Also, this seems to be affecting forum post edits too. It took me a few tries to include the above list.)

UPDATE: Alright, I am seeing some bonkers outcomes from reloading webpages. I am getting different versions of this forum post and my user review, some of which are those that had been edited two hours past.

I am beginning to think that there is some problem with GameSpot's server synchronizing of uploaded data.