1 hour long religious preaches as "ads" on videos

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What the hell (pun intended) is this?

I'm getting some local preachers youtube videos, full preaches, as ads on start of videos. Yeah, sure, anyone can advertise and all, but really? 1 hour long religious preaches as an ad by some random dude? What? Why? This is somewhat disturbing.

These videos play as "ads" on my videos:


Channel's name "maallikko saarnaaja" means "lay preacher".

EDIT: Those are not any kind of extremist speeches by any means, but still i find it somewhat disturbing to see that stuff on entertainment/gaming site. Especially when not being religious myself.

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@deactivated-5bda06edf37ee I've had the same thing happen to me today and a few times previously as well. Today it was a 14 minute YT vid about DIY Studio lighting. I've also seen an hour long vid of someone streaming a game and an IGN podcast all posing as adverts. Very strange.

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I had this weird religious ad promoting that muslim religion on me. I don’t know why they’d target me for such nonsense as I mostly watch music, gaming, and right wing pundits on youtube - nothing religious.

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@gotrekfabian@Sevenizz where are you seeing these ads? Is there a link to the video you saw these on or pages?

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@angerawr: There is no link embedded but it gives you the exact title of the video in the top left corner which is how I knew what it was and thus give you the link to the YT vid (after googling it) when I DM'd you.

EDIT: Apologies, it was staff member Roshby whom I DM'd at his request.

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@gotrekfabian Great! I'm sure he is on top of it, in the future would be really helpful to include the URL so we can get to it immediately!