Like Kingdoms of Amalur and Witcher?

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Since this game will be coming out on May 9 already, I was wondering if Gamespot can preview it and share their impressions with us. It looks like a good game, something to tide us over until Witcher 3 comes out. Still, I would like to hear the thoughts of people that have actually played this game.

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hey I haven't played it but I heard the game is like Demon souls and playing it on the hardest difficulty will be just as hard as that game. I know if I play it I guess I will be playing it on normal if its true that bound by flame is just as hard as demon souls I hatted that game it was way to hard for me felt like a game made more for the hardcore gamers. im really looking foward to witcher 3 its looking like the best RPG to date but to bad that games been Delayed to like feb of next year. take care

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I enjoying it . Its like amalur but lil harder.