Why was my post locked?

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I made a harmless post the other day and linked a Steven Crowder YouTube video and it was locked.


Question. Are conservatives simply not allowed to have a voice here? The video I linked wasn’t contrary to your ToS whatsoever - it wasn’t even news. It was political humour/parody. This is the only outcome I can deduce because there’s about ten anti Trump threads allowed to flourish here. Calling the PotUS a clown doesn’t deserve a lock? Huh?

Now if your counter argument is ‘it’s offensive to liberals’, fine - so be it. But aren’t anti Trump threads offensive to conservatives? Why is it ok to offend one group over another here?

Your response is appreciated.

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@Sevenizz: Hi.

I didn't look much at the content. Rather, simply posting a short sentence and a link to a video isn't considered enough to start a discussion. If you used the video function that the editor has, it would have helped. Some form of TL;DW of the video as well.

You're welcome to remake the topic.