Why is I banned?

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I made an account JurilMoore (yes that is me and I am a real person) and I posted to some forums my answers or opinions which I found not offensive or anything and I also did a giveaway post which I also find reasonable (I tried to do everything as told) but I got banned.


It's very rude to just ban someone and not tell to the user why this has happened.

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Sorry to reply here, but I can't make a new thread. I made a new account last week called Pixel_Mage, and I made my first post on the forums tonight. Seconds later, the post disappeared and I can't post anymore. I assume that means I was banned... Are new people not allowed to post? I realize alts can be a problem, but I'm not an alt. I've never posted here before. I hope someone can help me.

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@whyimbanned: Sorry for the long wait for reply, this thread must have gotten missed. I see you managed to get it sorted as your other account is back up and running now.

@instantban: I am looking over your other account and it seems it got flagged as spam. I have re-activated your account.

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@zanelli: Oh, thank you, I appreciate that. I hadn't heard anything for a while so I kind of moved on, but I'll try again. I'm not sure if it was a mod or an automatic thing, but I'll try to sound less spammy next time. :)