Recovering Original Account?

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Hey there, I'm really hoping I'm posting this in the right area.

I've been unable to log into my original account (I'm not sure if I want to say the name of the account publicly) recently. Inevitably I was locked out after attempting a few times. Normally sending a password reset request would work, but I haven't gotten any emails unfortunately. I began to question if perhaps this was due to me using the wrong email, so I began to use others I had, yet none of them worked. I'm pretty sure I've used every email I've ever created at this point. I once had an issue where emails were being bounced when I attempted a password reset I'm reddit, so I've wondered if perhaps that's the issue. But on the other hand, I literally just made the account that I figured should've been the email for the original account with no issues. Is there any way to resolve the issue with a moderator? Perhaps attempting to verify what the email actually is/was? Not sure how that would work.

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@jacewind: I there, sorry it has taken a while to get a reply on this.

If you give the moderation team a private message about this (Click here) with the account name and maybe the email you think it is on. The community manager might be able to help.