My account got locked

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I'm on a new Laptop as I don't have my old one anymore. I have logged into gamespot with this laptop before. Even though I don't remember my password, when it asked me to sign in, my details were already filled out, so I clicked log in. It then said my account was locked. I tried the option that said "I've forgot my password" but the page said invalid token.

My locked account's name is Worlds_Apart. I would be grateful if I could recieve some assistance in unlocking my account. Thanks

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@account_locked: This is an issue we're looking into and hopefully will be resolved within the next few days. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you use either a VPN or a proxy, disabling those can fix this.

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@zanelli: I don't use a proxy or VPN, but thanks for informing me about the issues. I'll just hold tight and be patient. Thanks