Legend of Dragoon ratings at GS are Fake, howcome??

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Yes! Peter Barthlow reviewed the game 4 months prior to its release back in 2000. The game released in June 2000 and probably just to gey his name in the list of reviewers he reviewed the game in Feb 2000 and he gave it a rating of 6.4, while making other amazing mistakes such as he got the name of one of the Main characters WRONG!! and that numerous times, not only that he didnt even knew the battle system correctly.. Want more? He even got the story line wrong!! amazing isnt it? Why did Gamespot vested its trust in a reviewer like that who probably never even played the game!! Or didnt spend enough time to even remember the name of one of the main characters correctly. When you say no flaming you also dont flame the players. Kindly read some of the comments on the review page of the game.

It is my humble request in your kind consideration to please change the rating of the game of 6.4 as against 4000+ ratings of 8.5+.

Get it reviewed again while highlighting the fact that the game did not receive enough attention due to poor marketing.

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Hi there @bluearchan, thanks for waiting for a reply. We have been very busy with E3 over the last week.

We also have no influence over official review scores, as these are opinion pieces based on what the reviewer thought of the game at the time of print. Sometimes these scores are updated if things change within the game itself. I however don't see any reason why a new review would be written for a game released around 19 years ago.

You are welcome to write your own review, like many other have done. As you may have noticed users reviews are displayed with the official reviews on the games page.

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@zanelli: you ask why does this matter? It matters because a 20 year old game's remake have just been announced i. E. Final fantasy 8.

And thanks for your response. You see, just because a mistake is 19 years old, you cant assume yourself to have been waived from the responsibility to corrdct it especially when you are keeping up with it.

There are many reasons why you should correct it, let me help you gather it in the later para. But the fact that it gives a wrong image of something and thereby maligns the game's reputation amongst the players, is all the more reason you need to correct it. This is a true gamer's spirit.. Just because its old and unpopular you cant ignore your responsibility to correct the wrong.

The mistakes are...

This is not a review since its written prior to the release date without even getting a chance to play it.

Even if he had the prerelease copy he makes blunders on foundation level such as wrong story briefs and writing incorrect character names many times and discussing aspects which are not even present in the game, which makes the review not only fraudulent but detrimental to players and the reputation of gamespot. So His review is not representative of the actual thing, rather its misleading and a complete misrepresentation.

If you allow me, i can write an unbiased official review for gamespot, you can post it once its approved by the editors at Gamespot. This wont be a big deal and nothing should discourage you from doing the right thing.

Hoping for a more considerate answer.

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@bluearchan: I'm afraid you won't get another answer, as I said we moderators have no say on review scores.

While we will try to answer most questions asked here, within reason. This forum is primarily for questions related to the moderation of the website. It certainly isn't for people to argue about a review score they didn't like.