It's nice to see that the mods are power tripping liberals.

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Meanwhile it's a-ok for article writers and commentators to take the piss on non-liberals.

Pathetic. You should fire your staff for being hypocrites especially where moderation is concerned.

EDIT: trash articles like this are not acceptable, the point of a game review is a game review not mindless political commentary like this:

EDIT: wow, the socialist nazis are really going at it in the comment section, many firings are due! figures fake news artists like cbs interactive pull this, sorry to burst your snowflake bubble but no one likes you

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Why isn't esqueejy banned? All of his posts are antagonistic and insulting. Not to mention fake.

The power abusing staff are just deleting countless replies to him. SHAMEFUL TO THE MAX!

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He's still at it, come on, Cancer Broadcasting System, Interactive.

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@k2g6y7: Political opinions are allowed on both sides, however everyone participating is expected to behave. Directly insulting other users, moderators, or staff is not allowed. Nor is bypassing the profanity filter. If you see someone doing this, report it. Don't engage and insult them back because then you are also breaking the rules and will be moderated accordingly. You have a very small number of posts, but you've managed to break the CoC in nearly half of them. I suggest you re-read the CoC before you post again.

If you have something negative to say about a topic, we still expect users to keep the discourse "classy". Calling a game company you don't like a "cancer bag" or saying "f___ Bungie" doesn't qualify as civil discussion. Nor does this thread, which comes off as yet another angry rant from you. Here's a pro-tip: If you have a question or a comment about a moderation, it's extremely helpful if you tell us -where- this moderation took place so we can look at it instead of just complaining about how unfair it all is while giving us no clue of what you're talking about.

Either way, I think you need a few days to reflect. You actually had a strike coming for several of your article comments that we hadn't gotten to because we were backlogged, but I'll take care of that now.


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@israelijoshua: Please review the rules of each forum before posting. Only moderators are permitted to reply to threads on ATM. If you have a question or concern about a moderation, create a new thread in this forum.