Is there any way to select which platform you played a game on? (rating games)

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Hi, I've signed up recently and started rating some games but I was hoping I could change the platform I played on when I rate games, is there any way to do so?

For example, I played Helldivers, Dying Light and Dead Space on PC and Dead Space 2 on Xbox 360, yet they all show different platforms. Helldivers rating for PS4 version, Dying Light for MAC etc, here's a reference image to exactly what I'm saying (I hope I'm allowed to post links).

I tried rating the games on the specific platform GameSpot reviews but they are all linked into one rating for users, and I tried finding games themselves and hoping there'd be a drop down menu for platform or something, but nothing. Is there any way I can do what I'm asking? Or do I just have to accept this is how it is? It triggers my OCD lol.

Oh, while I'm at it I may as well ask, is there any way to rearrange stacks? Also, can you make your ratings/stacks private?

Thanks in advance! I hope this is the right place to ask these questions, I wasn't sure where exactly to post to get help.

Note: I did find some info about this same problem by searching old threads, but the info is old and in other versions of the website, so maybe something has changed, so I thought I may as well ask here.

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@riseaus: Hello, sorry for the long wait for a reply for this. You can pick a platform if you choose to write a review and then rate the platform version there. The old site used to allow you to pick the platform and just rate that one, but was removed during streamlining of the game pages.

The stacks system is a bit buggy and could really do with to TLC.

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@zanelli: No problem about the late reply, and thank you for the help! Makes sense. :)