Have I been unbanned?

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Just genuinely need to know. I created this account over 12 years ago when I was 13 and posted religiously, even becoming a paying member of the site for approximately 7 months. Looking back my history was full a lot of cringeworthy content, which probably helped result in an eventual permanent ban after several suspensions. I was super upset at first and vividly remember curling up in my closet and bawling, and was further hurt that I had a couple alternate accounts quickly banned. However. eventually, after a few years of finding alternatives and occasionally lurking here, I did end up creating a new account that I've had for some years now, although one I haven't posted from very regularly since the GameSpot forums were redesigned and activity dropped off. Recently I attempted to sign back onto my original account created and was shocked to discover that not only was it still accessible with my entire blogging/posting history visible but that it also appeared that my posting privileges had been restored. If this is a mistake I have no problem being banned again on this account and you are free to treat this as me self-reporting. However, I do hope that posting this now doesn't open up my more recently opened account for further discipline. I know it may be the letter of the law that a lifetime ban is a lifetime ban, and the banning of this account over 11 years ago was completely justified as I liked the maturity at 13 to use appropriate language, engage in civil discourse, or even write properly, but by the time I created my newer account I truly believe I'd progressed as a person and therefore have been able to have an account for several years with minimal disciplinary activity. Truthfully, I don't use it super often which, which is probably the biggest reason I'm comfortable coming forward now, however, as I said, would still prefer to at keep it around.

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@StarFoxCOM: All accounts had their previous bans lifted if they happened before the site re-design. So as long as you stick to the rules you're okay.