Harassment has gotten abit much now

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Hello. wasn't sure wither to post this, I don't really like to whine about other users, but it's been about 6-7 years straight now of this fellow accusing me of being "Sniper". If you look through his posting history, he has repeated this almost line for line hundreds upon hundreds of times. That's not an exaggeration, if you look up the term in his search history, it has been hundreds of times over a period of years.

The guy just constantly follows me around forums, seems to be flagging anything he can as well and i'm starting to worry about any personal details I've posted.


I'm sure you're able to check IP's and see, i'm quite clearly not the person he is accusing me of. In fact, most of the forum knows exactly who "Sniper" is and moderators have explained it to him, but the dude just, doesn't listen.

Not begging for him to get a ban or anything like that, could a moderator or member of staff or whatever, maybe tell him to stop doing it? He's not gonna listen to a word I tell him and it is starting to get somewhat worrying now, there's a point where funny starts to go into creepy territory.

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@uninspiredcup: I have talk to Clone01 about the issue and if he/she does it again, I want to know.

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