FORGE (2012) Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Kill all bots on easy Bot Apprentice
    Kill all bots on medium Bot Destroyer
    Kill all bots on hard Bot Master
    Deal 100,000 damage to enemies Bring The Pain
    Complete the tutorial! Complete tutorial
    Claimed the first kill in a match First Blood
    Protect team mates from 5,000 points of damage Get Behind Me
    Heal team mates from 50,000 points of damage Have A Band Aid
    Deal 10,000 damage to enemies I Bet That Hurt
    Capture the relic 100 times I Think That's Mine
    Protect team mates from 50,000 points of damage I'm A Wall
    Heal team mates from 500,000 points of damage Someone Call An Ambulance
    Capture the relic 5,000 times The Thomas Crown Affair

    Contributed by: Guard Master