Perfectly fine racing sim.

User Rating: 9.5 | Ford Racing 2 PC
It would seem that game sites expect every new game that comes along in all the same old categories to redefine the given category, turn lead into gold, make the dead rise and live again, solve all everyone's personal problems, and even find that sock that's been at large behind the couch for some time.

This is a delightful racing game that is ideal to jump into for either a quick race or a "Look out world, here I come!" championship marathon. I suppose it helps if you like Fords to begin with and don't really expect too much variety in your cars.

But I've been playing this game for some years (yes, years!) now and I still love it. I still haven't completed it, but I'm in the 70th percentile with an expert rating (and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment it took to get there).

If you'd simply like a simple, challenging race game that is gimmick-free, try this one--you'll not go wrong.