Cheap, fun but mine has a few glitches

User Rating: 7.5 | Ford Racing 2 PC
[This will be a short review as i aint got much time]
Ok so i brought this from my local zavvi store - the peeps who now own virgin megastores - for a quid. I got home and tried it out. I seriously think its not bad for a quid - but for sum reason my version has a seriously annoying the ford collection mode [ if i can remember] when you select an unlocked car the screen goes in to a spaz attack. It shakes all over the place. Another thing that is slightly annoying is that when im driving fast the game jumps sometimes - and no its not the speed of my cd drive!!!
Other wise a pretty solid game for a quid....even though that woman on the game is sooooooooooo annoying. Im going thru the system files at the moment and i found the voice ones. Some seriously disturbing sounds?????