Looks like this was rushed into production.

User Rating: 4.1 | Ford Racing 2 PC
The game has some great cars if you're a Ford fan. The graphics are good, at least on the track. The further away from the track you get the less attention to detail there is. Most of the missions are o.k., they are just way too short for the most part and while the tracks are pretty good there aren't enough of them to keep you interested for very long. There should be more tracks and also some longer missions and races. The biggest problem with this game is that the easy mode is way too easy and the hard is way so hard as to be almost impossible. That would be fine if the game was as long or complicated as Gran Turismo but there is no comparison. Except for the hard setting the only thing that makes the game difficult are the clunky controls. It is my belief that this game was rushed out earlier than it should have been in order to compete with the popular Corvette game that was sponsored by GMC.