Ford is Just a Great car.And what way to say that than MAKE A GAME ABOUT FORD!!!

User Rating: 9.1 | Ford Racing 2 PS2
Iove this version of Ford racing it brings out the cars Ability to take turns at high speeds(Especialy because you cant do that on real streets lol!)

Right now i have collected almost 29 Cars and counting the game will give you a Challenge if thats what your looking for.

For those of you like me who like to Have some Competition then the Medium setting is for you.Faster Cars will be trying very little to pass you even when you think there driving fast belive me there not! I have collected 4 Cars on Medium.

And then we have our PRO drivers who think they cant be everybody.
In that case,The Hard setting is yours all yours in this setting i cant even pass one car in 4 laps!!!(No im just kidding) Thats how tough they are to me.If you have ever Played Ford Racing 1 then this is a Good Thing to buy

The Grafix are good somethings they could have added but they are good

The sound is almost one of a kind but not Quiet

The Gameplay rocks! good Tight Racing makes for some good Gameplay
The onlything missing though is Damage COME ON GUYS GIVE ME DAMAGE!

The replay Value for me is:Medium High

Al and all I think the game has a good Leadway but if they make a 4 they should put in Damage