There's Professional Street Racing, Then There's This.

User Rating: 4 | Ford Street Racing PS2
Don't believe the "Bold Moves Street Racing" in the title; this game fails at making street racing look fun. Overall, this game is boring and unappealing, the AI is clumsy, and the presentation and visuals are bland to look at. Clean laps/races are impossible because the AI will senselessly ram you (even your own teammates when you're doing team races and challenges, which are easy to win for the most part) and the loose controls will cause you to run into walls, trees, etc. if you slip up just once. The tracks are more or less bland city/highway settings, so nothing special there. You get visual damage in this game but the aforementioned loose controls and stupid AI will cause your car to go from fresh out of the showroom to a battered mess in a matter of minutes. The car models (with 3 classes: classic, performance, high performance) look nice and the team racing with drafting and blocking and commanding and switching between cars is a nice touch, i'll give it that, but it is not enough to save this dull disaster of an an attempt at street racing for Ford. Don't bother picking it up.