Keeps it simple. Realistic and fun driving model is a gem!

User Rating: 8 | Ford Street Racing: L.A. Duel PSP
When i read about a ford racing game for PSP, i was quite unsure. The whole lineup have been less than acceptable on PC lately. And considering it was a full priced product, i had my doubts.

[Value 6/10]
However when i finally got to play it, its a gem in rough. This game have lot of good points, biggest of which, i must say, is the driving model. There is lack of tuning/upgrading options so the content is certainly stripped out.

Although there isnt any modifying options in the game, there is rather pleasant damage model. You damage, you fix after the race (if u want to) and its expensive.

Gameplay [10/10]
Most PSP racing games feel nothing like real thing and most cars feel the same. This isnt the case here! Every car feels different, grip levels from front and back wheels change, roll and dive angles, cornering speeds everything! Why wasnt the PC version so good?! Cars are responsive yet different. Hard thing to pull off easily!

Gamespot critised the AI, i disagree. Its good but its not perfect, just like any street racer in a Ford =). I've won a few races when i was in 3rd, then suddenly car in 1st took a corner wrong, spun out and took the 2nd car with it. And i've had it happen to me. I like it, makes things unpredictable.

Graphics [7.5/10]
Graphics are another good thing about it . Beautifully detailed, textured, reflected and shining car models and tracks. Nice shadow and smoke effect. In some places the whole game looks a bit dithered, like its running in 16bit colors... im new to PSP so unsure what to make of it.

Sound [6/10]
Sound is average. Different cars do sound different, and you can tell if its a V8 from 70's, pushrod inline4 or a modern dual-cam setup. I like the sound, its functional. Music is forgettable and i mostly ignored it.

Overall this game offers a solid, fun and simple racing experience. Perfect when you are on the move and just want to do a few races and not getting carried away in countless car upgrades and tweaks. I recommend this game.