The only thing that makes these cars anywhere near reality, is the looks...

User Rating: 2.5 | Ford Street Racing PS2
Reasons to not buy this game
1. Cars represent no handling realism
2. Cars have a limited variation in engine noises
3. The damage physics are tacky
4. Everything is boring
5. Cars that are an equal model outrun you on the straights
6. Team racing is hard as for controlling one car on this game is hard, let alone three.
7. There aren't any types of performance modifications you can do to the car.
8. With only 18 cars in the game, it tends to get even more boring that it already is
9. It's the type of game you play for five minutes and then put it in the cupboard and find it years later

On the optimistic sides of things, the game seems to have hardly any frame rate issues, and you can race with up to decent amount of cars on the track, but still, if you're planning on buying this game, I suggest you play it at a friends house or rent it first...