I Didn't Know That It Was "BOLD" To Reek Of Failure And Boredom.

User Rating: 2.8 | Ford Street Racing PS2
This game is utterly without merit. At it's very core is a concept of racing as a team, and the ability to switch drivers at any point. The obvious exploitation of this "feature" is pretty clear at the most basic level of consideration, and in practice it takes whatever challenge this game MIGHT have had straight out. Falling behind? Jump Ahead! Ugh...

Now, the main upside according to gamespot is that :

"Devout followers of the Ford brand will likely enjoy the sizable lineup of models that feature the blue oval logo."

Ooook. I'm sure there are some crazed Ford devotees who are DYING to play this game, but it's not exactly the Ferrari or Lamborghini brand is it? No one is sitting around dreaming of the experience of turning left for an hour or so in a Fiesta. This brings me to the last gameplay issue... while you do not strictly turn left around a track the entire time, you might as well. To say that the gameplay here is a "throwback", is comical. Given how many amazing racing games are out, and coming out, it kind of boggles the mind that this game was made.

Bland sound, poor graphics which glitch on the pc (where I tried this game first), and a concept which is so bland and pathetic in it's execution (ford teamplay) that this game isn't even worth a bargain price.