An OK game

User Rating: 6.5 | Ford Street Racing PS2
this is an ok game in terms of racing, the features are good and although ford don't do many good cars, the line up is pretty good with the 68 Mustang GT, the 2005 Mustang GTR Concept and a few others. Now the graphics are pretty good, although they do get a little weird when the car is quite damaged, the tracks are cool but easy to memorize after only once or twice driving on the track and the same line up of cars for ages can get you down a little if what you want is to unlock a car after winning a championship. the challenges can be both easy and hard at times but if you have the time (and the patience) they are worth doing (as i think that's how you unlock new cars, although i'm not too sure)

so if you have the time and patience and also like some ford vehicles and are a fan of street racing games, then check this out, if not don't bother as you may not like what you see