Not good as Resident Evil 4 but still a horror that you'll propperly play once or twice. #Real Score 7.7/10#

User Rating: 7.5 | Siren 2 PS2
If you played any other horrror games like Resident Evil 4 or Silent Hill, Forbidden Siren is a very dark Japanese Horror game that you'll propperly play once or twice in your spare time. Main story is about a group of strangers are approaching a the myserious Japanese island of Yamijima when a blood red tsunami pitches their boat into the waves. Those who have survied may wished they hadn't been there there, 29 years ago, the inhabitants of Yamijima vanished during a blackout, leaving the island of darkness guarded by breatures from the Netherworld which are mostly look a like Zombies, Spirits and Monsters.
Each survivor you play in the game is unwittingly entwind in the island's gruesome past, and must now defend themseleves with any weapon kinda like Silent Hill where you a weapon to fight off any monsters. To stay alive, they must also learn how to use Sighjack which is an ability to see through the eyes of others. Which is clever because you can see where they are and how far they are away from you.
Graphics are very dark kinda like a Japanese Horror movie like The Ring or any other Japanese Horror film you've seen. Sounding effect you may freak out if you see a Zombie creeping up behind you, you can also play in first person mode but not very good play. It does feel like Resident Evil 4 but not perfect as it seems, This was only out in Japan and Europe I don't think it made it to America but still a good Horror game worth trying out.