fun to play, but could've used some polishing

User Rating: 7.7 | Siren 2 PS2
Pretty good game we have here, Siren 2 is. When I first saw this game, I was like, oh my god I cant wait to play it! I loved the first Siren because the characters, story and everything was great. But enough of that, on to Siren 2.

This game is spun around a island off the coast of Japan, called the Yajimbo Island. Something that had happened 29 years ago on the island had caused something mysterous to happen. To find out more about the Island, you have to play a variaty of characters, all braught to the Island for different reasons. The island is inhabbited by Shibito(the dead), and a variaty of other creatures and enamies. Through out the game, you switch between each characters fears through the missions. Most missions have a companion NPC (Non-playable Character) which are acompanying you for obscure reasons.

Gameplay - The gameplay is all well and done. There are a few hitches though, like the camera angle. You can flick between three camera angles. First Person, Third person, and over-the-shoulder third person. All though you get a variaty, the only well done was first person. In third person, the camera angle moves very tacky. In some cases, this can result in death. Also, the AI of your compainions is very, very annoying some times. They are well and done at some moments, but they sometimes get in your way of narrow walk-ways and just dont move, blocking your way. They also just stand there, getting killed when getting attacked, occasionally doing the push. If I were in that situation, I would run as fast as I could. Apart from this, the gameplay is fine. The player + player interection was done very well. You can help your NPC companion up high ledges for when they cannot climb up themself, or you can give them commands, such as "run", "hide" and things of those sorts.

Graphics - Ah, the graphics. They were great for Siren 1's time, but now they are just out dated. They are pretty good, but some of the things are just not shown in games today, which are shown in this game. For example. No hair, or clothes, or breast, or accessories movement. Though these things are not focused on, they are just great in general. In the graphics case, Siren 2 is just a expansion on Siren 1.

Sound - The sounds perfect. Could've been slightly better in some places, but the way it is, is fine. The voice acting is now more realistic then the british voice actores. The voice actores in Siren 2 is now possibly done by Japanese people, speaking well in english words.

Overall - This game is fun, very lengthy and is enjoyable. I suggest, if your a Resident Evil 4 fan, you should give this a try. I suggest, Renting before Buying. The game is fun, but might not be what you expected it to be. I suggest for Siren 3, for there to be some noticeably new stuff, like movement of clothes and such, and even possibly a multiplayer, where the second player can drop out, or come in when player 1 had a companion. I for one would love to see this. It would be enjoyable, and have a lot of replay value and enjoyment. This game is creepy, but not to creepy.

Kind Regards, Liberty