Love and Hate this Game Soooo Much. But it could just be me

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I haven't downloaded the new 16 G download yet. I know no one will respond to this since I see the last post was a month ago, but, this more so for piece of mind. The beta version of this game was amazing! I downloaded it and was playing it when my son came into the room to tell me about this awesome game he just downloaded and how........(My Son)Oh, your already playing it! How did you do that?!? How'd you get that Helmet?

And then the trial was over.........

Needless to say, i went out and picked up a couple of Deluxe Editions for both of us, which is about the time my frustration with this game began.....but not entirely for me because I like doing the campaigns with all games I play. I didn't really notice any any benefit by purchasing the deluxe edition on the campaign, but I liked it, and finally completed the story mode.

This is were the problems began... playing multi-player. I can't either finish a game without either being booted for one reason or another, along with the excessive wait times to get in a game, just to have it crash on you over and over again. I love the game, but I feel that the game makers/servers weren't expecting such high volumes of players trying to play this incredible game. Hopefully, theses issues will be taken care of soon.

Is this just happening to me, or is this the same with everybody? I'm on the XBOX1 version. Trying to level up all the characters at the same time, which is a challenge when you can't complete a game is harsh to say the least.