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The Chaos Vanguard is an international multi-gaming community. We're a community driven platform that brings like minded gamers together. It's our belief that playing with other gamers enhances our gaming experience and that is exactly what we offer across the range of games that we support.

We actively bring the players of those supported games together within CV. The environment we offer allows our members to form regular groups and teams with people they may otherwise have never met. Through our TeamSpeak server we offer voice communication for our members to further complement their experience. With hundreds of people online on our TS3 Server all day, everyday, spread across the dozen or so games that we support, you're sure to find someone to game with in The Chaos Vanguard!

Our For Honor section has grown rapidly over the past few weeks. In addition to groups playing at all hours on our TeamSpeak, we host a weekly in-house 1v1 tournament on Sunday at 13:00EST/18:00GMT. We also hosted a tournament that paid out a cash prize. While the first tourny was a little "bumpy" due to the coordinator not showing up it was still a big success with 92 participants. The $50 cash prize was also doubled to make up for the inconvenience and there will be more of these (prices not "bumps") in the future. We also host weekly practice sessions and "party nights", so if you're looking for a few mature players to have a beer with while you decapitate your enemies look no further.


*Be at least 16 year old.

*You need TeamSpeak 3 and a mic.

*You need a positive attitude.

*You need to understand and speak English.

How to join!

If you fufill all these requirements proceed to our website[www.thechaosvanguard.co.uk] and make an application!

When you have made an application please come on teamspeak and we'll have a chat.

TS3: ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk

Discord is available as well but use the TS3 for recruitment purposes.

Hope you will join us!