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For Honor is an action hack and slash video game set during a medieval period inspired fantasy setting.[1] Players can play as a character from three different factions, namely The Legion, The Chosen, and The Warborn. The three factions represent knight, samurai, and Vikings, respectively.[2] Each faction has four classes. The Vanguard class are described as "well-balanced" and has excellent offense and defense. The Assassins class are fast, are very efficient in dueling enemies, but they deal much less damage to enemies. The Heavies are more resistant to damages and suitable for holding capture points, though their attacks are slow. The last class, known as "Hybrids", are said to be a combination of the three types, and is capable of using uncommon skills. All heroes are unique, and have their own weapons, skills, and fighting styles.[3] While Ubisoft plans on adding more classes before the release date, the classes as of now are the Orochi, Kensei, Berserker, Raider, Warden, and Conquerer. The Kensei and Orochi classes belong to the samurai. Raiders and Berserkers are vikings. Both the Warden and the Conquerer classes are knights.

Players fight against their opponents with class-specific melee-weapons such as axes, swords, and katana, When players perform certain actions, such as killing multiple enemies consecutively, they gain Feats, which are additional perks. These perks allow players to gain additional points and strengths, call in a barrage of arrows or a catapult attack, or heal themselves.[4] In most missions, players will be accompanied by numerous AI minions. They are significantly weaker than the player character, and do not pose much threat.